Industrial Associates Open House

R&D Drives Innovation

The LeRoy Eyring Center's IAP Open House took place Thursday, Feb. 7, 2013 at Old Main on Arizona State University's Tempe campus.  This annual event provided an opportunity for 75 members of the industrial community to learn about our expanding portfolio of instruments, techniques and staff; and to see examples of how to leverage our world-class capabilities.

This year's program focused on the importance of industry R&D in driving product innovation . . . and ASU's commitment to supporting R&D within the University and the broader Industrial community.

We we're delighted to welcome two special guests:

  • Georganna Meyer, chief economist, Arizona Department of Revenue gave an overview of the University R&D Tax Credit program
  • Brian Matas, vice president of IC Insights, provided an outlook on the semiconductor industry and a perspective on the role that R&D plays in driving industry growth.

The morning kicked off with an LE-CSSS video overview:  Innovation does not occur by itself.  The Open House then packed a wealth of information in a half-day program with the theme R&D Drives Innovation. Please click where indicated for PDF's of presentations. 

 During the tours, attendees had a first-hand look at several new additions to the Center:

  • Nion UltraSTEM aberration corrected microscope
  • JEOL 8530 electron microprobe
  • Zygo ZeScope optical profilometer
  • Bruker Dektak stylus profilometer