Winter School 2015

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Arizona State University 2015 Winter SchooL


High Resolution Electron microscopy

Monday, January 5th to Friday, January 9th, 2015

The aim of Winter School is to introduce the theory and practice of high resolution electron microscopy to scientists currently using transmission electron microscopes for materials science studies. It is expected that people taking the course will have some familiarity with basic crystallography, diffraction contrast and routine microscope operation.
Interactive lectures and laboratories will cover:
  • theory and practice of HREM and STEM
  • small probe formation
  • aberration correction
  • electron diffraction
  • image calculations and processing
  • electron energy loss
  • x-ray nanospectroscopy
  • focused ion beam
The course will use a variety of JEOL and FEI transmission electron microscopes.  Demonstrations of environmental electron microscopy, focused ion beam methods and techniques of specimen preparation are included.
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We are grateful to our sponsors FEI Company, JEOL USA , GATAN Inc. and NIST for their support of our Winter School. Please visit their websites at:
The course fee for Winter School is $950.  The one-day course on Aberration Corrected TEM is an additional $200.  (Registration Fees are non-refundable and no-show charges may apply) 
A check for $950 (or $1150 if attending both sessions) payable to "Arizona State University," should be mailed to:
LeRoy Erying Center for Solid State Science
Arizona State University
Box 871704
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Our physical address (for FedEx or UPS)
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