Materials Characterization Facility

The Arizona State University LeRoy Eyring Center for Solid State Science provides academic and industry researchers with open access to advanced facilities and equipment for materials characterization; surface, optical and structural analysis; and high resolution electron microscopy. We have been training researchers for over 40-years. Learn more...

Our Industry Open House showcases ASU and LE-CSSS as a Partner for Industry.  Learn about

  • LE-CSSS characterization / imaging services
  • Technology research collaborations
  • Workforce development
  • STEM-related outreach
  • Philanthropy 

Industry researchers can register here

      Science is Fun 

Funded in part by the National Science Foundation, Science is Fun is a uniquely designed education program that collaborates with research scientists to create demonstrations that encourage a student's natural fascination with scientific phenomena. 


Winter School 

The aim of Winter School is to introduce the theory and practice of high resolution electron microscopy to scientists currently using transmission electron microscopes for materials science studies. It is expected that people taking the course will have some familiarity with basic crystallography, diffraction contrast and routine microscope operation.