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Karl Weiss
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Ken Mossman
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Sisouk Phrasavath
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XL30 Environmental FEG (FEI)

The XL30 ESEM-FEG offers high resolution secondary electron imaging at pressures as high as 10 Torr and sample temperatures as high as 1,000°C. This means that wet, oily, dirty, outgassing, and non-conductive samples can be examined in their natural state without significant sample modification or preparation. The XL30 ESEM-FEG employs the stable, high brightness Schottky Field Emission Source for outstanding observation performance of potentially problematic samples for conventional high vacuum SEMs.


  • Imaging Modes: SEM
  • Accel. Voltage: 30kV
  • Resolution: 3 nm
  • Source: Field Emission
  • Beam Current (30kV, Spot Size 1): 21pA
  • Probe Diameter (30kV, Spot Size 1): 0.4nm





Cost for ASU Internal Cost for ASU Internal with Staff Assistance Cost for Other Academic/Non-Profit Cost for Other Academic/Non-Profit with Staff Assistance
$45 $80 $90 $165

Training Requirements

All training is currently being scheduled by Karl Weiss, Karl.Weiss@asu.edu (480)965-3831

 Note: All users must attend the ASU Lab Safety and Fire Safety courses prior to using any CHREM facility.

SEM training video link: Youtube SEM training video


Emergency Information

See ASU Emergency Procedures and Information for emergency procedures for any of the following: Personal Threat or Assault, Power Outage, Major Accidents, Flooding, Hazardous Materials Incident, Radiation Spills, Biological Spills, Suspicious Packages, Natural Disaster & Inclement Weather, Bomb Threat, Evacuation, Medical Emergency, Personal Injury, and Fire.

Emergency Phone Numbers

In an emergency, dial 911 from any campus or other phone.

Call the General ASU Emergency Information Phone at 7-9911 (on-campus phone) or 480-727-9911 or toll-free 877-278-2785 (877-ASU-ASU5) to get a recorded message. For non-emergencies, The ASU Department of Public Safety office can be reached at 5-3465 (on-campus phone) or 480-965-3465.

Users must attend the ASU Lab Safety and Fire Safety courses prior to using any LE-CSSS facility.


More Information


Active users can schedule time using their iLab account with the following link: XL30 E FEG Schedule

If you are not currently in iLab please click on the following link: iLab registration

  • Reserving time on an instrument means that you agree to pay for the entire time reserved at the standard rate whether you use it or not. This policy ensures the efficient use of instrumentation and discourages researchers from blocking up time that they are not going to use. You will also be billed for any time used that exceeds your reservation.

Access Policies: 

The Center for High Resolution Electron Microscopy is organized to provide easy access to instruments by campus-wide ASU researchers. Facility use is a telephone call or e-mail message away.

Although emphasis is placed on accommodating internal (ASU) researchers, all appropriate users, including industrial and educational researchers, are welcome.

Most samples can be accommodated in CHREM microscopes. The exception may be those that are particularly hazardous to human health. No radioactive samples, and the sample must survive in a vacuum and under the electron beam.