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Internships for ASU students (3 credit course)

SCIENCE IS FUN (non-paid) INTERNSHIP, CHM 494 or BCH 494

Do you enjoy working with children? Would you like the opportunity to improve your public speaking skills? If so, join us for Science is Fun! Interns present interactive science demonstrations as they build their resumes.

ASU interns of all academic backgrounds act as role models by conducting science demonstrations for kids in grades K-8. You earn 3 CHM or BCH upper division credits and help excite Phoenix area children about science. No experience is necessary. We provide the transportation to the schools that you will visit.

This non-paid internship fulfills a semester's requirement of community service hours for many scholarships. It’s a wonderful opportunity to experience a variety of classrooms and schools for those considering a career in teaching. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for anyone who enjoys science or anyone who enjoys working with kids. All majors are welcomed so please refer other students who may be interested!

 Science is Fun internship promotes learning through direct application and service following a Service Learning format. This is a multiple-credit option, semester-long course. Expect 3 hours a week of participation for every 1 credit enrolled. In-person course meeting time is Thursday evening from 4-6pm in PSB 152. Training and practice are vital to your readiness.  Accordingly, the class meeting times strongly emphasize participation. You are expected to participate in outreach events outside of class, at various locations, times and days, based on your availability. Carpooling and public transportation are encouraged. Events are often on-campus, so you are not required to have a car to participate in Science is Fun. All undergraduate majors welcome. Participation in outreach events is the basis for your grade. Please email Jessica Hauer with any specific questions regarding the internship: jessica.hauer@asu.edu

SCIENCE IS FUN (non-paid) INTERNSHIP, CHM 494 or BCH 494

Once interns have successfully completed their first semester. Interns may be invited by the instructor to continue working with students in grades K-8 and kids in grades 9-12 as leadership and capstone interns. Leadership interns help with training, supervisory visits, and work on adding a project to their academic resume.  Under the direction of the Science is Fun instructor, students may develop a full Science is Fun demonstration in coordination with ASU research scientists.


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