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Funded in part by the National Science Foundation, Science is Fun is a uniquely designed education program that collaborates with research scientists to create demonstrations that encourage a student's natural fascination with scientific phenomena. Each Science is Fun demonstration module integrates basic principles used in current research projects across a range of scientific disciplines at ASU, including engineering, chemistry, materials science and physics.  This keeps Science is Fun demonstrations current and relevant, allowing K-12 students the opportunity to reproduce what real scientists do. 

Approximately 30 trained Science is Fun interns visit K-12 classrooms throughout the school year, facilitating science demonstrations and hands-on activities for students and teachers in 21 school districts across the metro phoenix area.  Science is Fun encourages students to become more interested in science by helping students see themselves as scientists, and by demonstrating that students can find meaning in science through active participation.  Science is Fun also promotes the value of higher education and helps students develop the skills necessary in meeting real world challenges.   

John C. Wheatley Education and Outreach Facility

This facility is dedicated to the educational development of K-12 students through the promotion of scientific literacy.  This new LE-CSSS Outreach Center was built to provide teachers and students the opportunity to explore exciting aspects of science with a focus on the fabrication and operation of modern micro and nano-electronics. The Center features hands-on, interactive materials science exhibits, guided lab tours and demonstrations.   The goals of the LE-CSSS Outreach Facility include increasing student scientific knowledge and understanding; raising student interest in science, and developing programs and workshops for teachers. 

Meet Our Interns 

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