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Materials Processing & Calorimetry

The Chemistry facility includes a broad range of furnaces with customizable gas flows and setups, glove boxes, fumehoods, thermal analysis equipment, vacuum lines and ampule flame sealing services.

Related Equipment

Equipment Description Facility
Calorimetry (TGA/DTA/DSC)


TGA/DTA/DSC/Cp RT to 1600°C

Goldwater Materials Science Facility (GWC B6)
Residual Gas Analysis (SRS200)

Residual Gas Analysis (RGA) measures the partial pressures of the individual gases in a mixture.

Goldwater Materials Science Facility (GWC B8)

Very wide range of furnaces covering temperatures up to 2300°C and samples size larger than 4". Controlled atmospheres also availlable.

Goldwater Materials Science Facility (GWC B8)
General Lab

The facility include a wide range of general lab tools, glove boxes, vacuum line, ampule sealing service, fume hoods, ultrasonic mill...

Goldwater Materials Science Facility (GWC B11 & B14)